Advisory/People Business Strategy

I partner with clients on people strategies as if I am a seamless part of their business

For HR

HR Leaders are under an increasing pressure on daily basis to retain the best people, increase employee satisfaction, lower HR cost, deploy best suitable people development strategies, etc. I partner with HR in various situations:

  • improving effectiveness of recruitment in an organization, how to most efficiently partner with executives search firms
  • increasing strategic impact of HR in an organization
  • executive team development strategies, top talent strategies
  • being a strategic business and discussion partner to the senior leadership team 

Executive Recruitment

I partner with my clients on strategic appointment strategies. Based on my extensive experience in the search industry we discuss most suitable approach to client’s hiring needs. Through a network of reliable international partners, I offer a global platform and reach.

Succession Planning

This service I offer to CEO’s and business owners who are planning to move to another role or exit their daily presence in an executive position. Succession planning is critical for a company value retention and market reputation.